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The Law Office of Stacker & Associates represents clients in real estate (including short sales) purchases, sales, lease financing, estate planning, probate, and workmen’s compensation arenas providing full service in these areas. Our exceptional experience in the field of contract law and alternative dispute resolution allows us to skillfully negotiate agreements, such as loan workouts, on behalf of our clients and frequently resolve other disputes without the necessity and expense of a full trial. However, when it is in our client's best interest, we will aggressively represent our clients through a trial.


Our firm brings an entrepreneurial minded, common sense approach to the practice of law. We are known for our success in dealing with complex and highly specialized legal issues, with a success rate of about 60% in our writs and appeals. We are also known for our commitment to listening to our clients, discussing their business and personal needs, and then counseling and advising in a straightforward manner with a goal to minimize legal costs when appropriate. We take our clients’ legal concerns very seriously and provide our clients with the personal attention that they deserve.


Our firm is highly automated and we utilize state-of-the-art research capabilities to provide legal services in a timely manner. This also allows us to stay on top of the latest legal developments and put that knowledge to work for our clients. Current and satisfied clients, businesses, and even former opponents respect our tough-minded advocacy on behalf of our clients and are our greatest source of new cases and clients.


We are proud of our reputation for the skill and knowledge that we bring to the practice of law and dispute resolution. We look forward to demonstrating our expertise and integrity should you ever need legal advice.

Our Firm

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